Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My Beef With The Stereotypical Life

This [dot] is where I am.

The second [dot] below is where everyone else is

You can see that we are [the same DOT but]  moving in different directions.... That is what happens when you challenge the status-quo. You tend to see things differently and move in the opposite direction.

The Stereotypical Life (Best Case Scenario):

Go to school for years (so you can get a degree), Apply for great jobs, Get a great job. Go back to school for higher qualification (so you can get a better job or promotion where you work). Get married to a beautiful wife/handsome husband and make beautiful kids. Go on Vacation twice every year. Get a house on mortgage. Invest in 401k investment plans and retire when you turn 70. Live for a couple more years and die.

My beef is that the stereotypical life has been around for centuries and it is the reason why many people feel it is the [perfect] way to live. So when someone, especially a young black man like me tells you that the stereotypical life is BS, they'd tag you as crazy (some will even fight you and call you names).

I just feel [know] there is more to life than living the stereotypical life. We can do more and use our unique gifts to create excellent work that will make the world better than it already is.

Call me crazy or Odd... Maybe I am. My mission on earth is to be odd and not to fit in. And if it takes challenging the status-quo to do that, so be it.

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